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  • Your Passport to The World of Learning

Buy provigil online from canada - Buy cephalon provigil online

Buy provigil online from canada - Buy cephalon provigil online

Travel the world and learn about interesting topics in psychology, art, culture and more first hand! ​

These intimate setting trips take place around the world!

  • Study abroad, earn credit and certifications
  • Improve your skills and resume, and have a great time doing it!
  • Professional development

 Join one of our trips and let our experts show you an "insiders" view of destinations around the globe. Travel alone or with friends and meet amazing people sharing journeys worldwide.

Mind Body Passport is approved by the California Psychological Association to provide continuing professional education for psychologists. Mind Body Passport maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

More about the Mind Body Passport Experience

Mind Body Passport Inc. provides extraordinary learning experiences, certificate programs, professional development courses and continuing education. Our International courses, seminars, and retreats are for adults, professionals, grad students and others interested in once in a lifetime learning experiences. Our courses are offered and held in International locations with prestigious partners, and provide experiential learning through travel. Our team has lectured internationally, directed university international programs for both US and international universities and have served as a graduate level university professors. Our staff has lived, worked and traveled extensively throughout the world, offering our participants an insider’s experience of the locations we travel to.. Join us on our amazing international courses, seminars, and retreats. ​​
Contact us at:



Applies to all Mind Body Passport courses: Mind Body Passport is approved by the California Psychological Associ ation to provide continuing professional education for psychologists. Mind Body Passport maintains responsibility for this program and its content.


From Johannesburg to Morocco, from Thailand to Germany! Each trip is specifically crafted to learn and explore therapeutic techniques, cultural phenomenon, history through a psychological lens and more. 

“This programme was the best thing I have ever experienced in my whole life. Mind Body Passport is unique. I am glad I have become a part of it. This is just the beginning!” 

- MBP Student


Buy provigil online from canada - Buy cephalon provigil online

buy provigil from india
Jungian winter intensive
35 CE credits
Zurich Switzerland 35 CE credits

Feb.17-24, 2019
Sail into the world of Carl Jung on the snow frosted shores of Lake Zurich this winter for our annual Jungian Winter Intensive.
The journey will take you on an in depth exploration.   This winter, our study program will focus on fairy tales, dreams and religion. The enlightening program culminates with a coveted visit to Jung's medieval tower in Bollingen, Switzerland, hosted by Jung's grandson. This is a very special private visit, as the home is not open to the public!
Save $500 register prior to September 1st!

buy provigil from canada
Payment plans and financing plans available

order provigil
Freud's Archaeology Of The Mind
FREE online video
FREE online video

"Freud's Archaeology Of The Mind"

Live from Sigmund Freud's study London .
An exploration of Freud's science and collection of antiquities.

order provigil online overnight delivery

    order provigil online uk
    Art Therapy:
    exploring creativity, art and psychology
    22.5 CE hours
    Barcelona, Spain
    22.5 CE credits

    Dec. 9-15, 2018

    Making the most of the culture and backdrop of artisitically exquisite Barcelona, participants are exposed to experiential workshops, talks and daily art therapy seminars in an intensive format of morning to afternoons. Afternoons bring us out into the fantastic city of Barcelona with extraordinary excursions and experiential field trips.  
    order provigil from canada
     Save $200 register now
    Financing options available!

    order provigil from india
    Trauma and
    24 CE Units
    Marrakech Morocco

    April 5-12, 2019

    **With Sahara Desert and UNESCO world heritage site add on April 12-16

    With world-acclaimed
    Dr. Alfried Langle


    Trauma and Healing takes you on an in depth journey through dynamic and experiential discussions of "what shakes us to our core" as human beings in traumatic experiences.   Trauma is a deep wound that injures us emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually.
    We will delve into the theory and practice of working with and healing trauma. Set in the mystical and exotic setting of Marakech Morocco we will immerse in daily life, culture and experience the place not as tourists, but as locals.
    Save $400 register before Oct. 15

    order provigil uk

    order provigil europe
    Communing With
    The  Spirits:
    12 ce credits
    New Orleans, USA

    July 25-29, 2019

    A Jungian Psychological Approach To The Transformational  Practice Of Vodou

    A Jungian psychology approach to the spiritual practice of voudoo. This healing practice is alive and well in New Orleans today and was used after Hurricane Katrina to help heal the city and community. We will explore the pantheon of voudoo gods and goddesses, their archetypal patterns, and how they manifest in the practice of spirit in voudoo.
     (not the Hollywood version)

    Save $400
    register prior to December 16, 2018

    order provigil australia


    Explore and Discover the World… Be Inspired!

    buy provigil usa


    Mind Body Passport: Study abroad for adults

    • Dream Analysis: Dreaming at Freud's House London July 2017
    • Zurich Jungian Winter Intensive 2015
    • Mystical Morocco December 2017
    • "Mind Body Passport gave me an opportunity to experience this country (Thailand) and myself in a way I never thought could be possible. The time I spent here will forever be in my heart and has changed me as a whole person. "
    •  “Studying with Mind Body Passport in Paris you get a double package. On the outside you get the cultural aspects of France, and in the group the multi cultural aspects of the group and the professors who are international and quite well known experts. I learned more in 1 week than ever before in any classroom or seminar.”
    • “Even now not a day passes without remembered fragments that I got from this Viennese experience. They enrich my personal life and at work with clients. I learned more in the short time here than I could have in months in a classroom."”
    • “I will go home from the existential course a better person and a better therapist. We all learn from books and sitting in a classroom, but the experiential nature of your trainings is more than I could have ever expected….thank you for the unique and much needed growth.”
    • "I somehow have the feeling, that I have left a piece of my heart in Vienna… I certainly have learned a lot… Most of all, how to relate to people in a caring, subtle way… and how to build bridges and make people feel included…"
    • "It's my favorite way to travel, favorite way to get CE's, and favorite tax write off! And you are an amazing leader! "



    buy provigil online reddit


    Visionary , Study Abroad Goddess, Ashtangi apprentice and Doctor of Psychology

    • Leading international study trips 
    • Director of International seminars
    • Private practice for over twenty years,
    • Assistant professor


    Dr. Brown is President and Director of Mind Body Passport Inc. designing and leading international study trips worldwide.

    Study Abroad for Adults!! 

    She also serves as The Director of International seminars and Gastprofessor at Sigmund Freud University, Vienna.

    International psychology and developing “psychologists without borders” has become her focus.

    Dr. Brown has been in private practice for over twenty years, has been a research psychologist for The Neurologic Institute and has served on faculty at UCLA Medical School teaching psychology and rapport building techniques to medical students.

    Dr. Brown was assistant professor at The Chicago School and Director of Centers for International Studies.

    The last article written about Dr. Brown’s work said she is a,” Visionary , Study Abroad Goddess, Ashtangi apprentice and Doctor of Psychology”.

    Contact us at:


    purchase provigil online