Jungian Winter Intensive

In Collaboration with The C.G. Jung Institute

Zürich, Switzerland

February 16-23, 2020

34 Continuing Education Credits for Psychotherapists

Sail into the World of Carl Jung

Join us this winter on the snow frosted shores of Lake Zurich for our annual Jungian Winter Intensive. The journey will take you on an in depth exploration of Jungian concepts at The C. G. Jung Institute Zurich, Switzerland.

Please note: Space is very limited to 24 participants this year. Last year we were at capacity with a long waiting list.

This winter, our study program will focus on fundamentals of Jungian psychology, fairy tales, dreams, individuation and non-verbal ways to the “self”. This enlightening program culminates with a once in a lifetime visit to Jung's medieval tower in Bollingen, Switzerland, hosted by Jung's grandson. This is a very special private and coveted visit, as the home is still owned and occupied by the family and is never open to the public!

Who Is This For?

- World and life learners
- Psychotherapists
- Mental health professionals
- Those with an interest in Jungian psychology

*No prior knowledge or experience required!

What Will You Gain?

- Describe the complex architect of our dreams
- Apply the fundamentals of psychological types
- Discuss the hurts of the soul and the humiliation experiences
- Discuss negative emotions and their use in psychotherapy and the individuation process
- Describe the relevance a of fairy tales in psychotherapy and individuation
- Discuss alchemy and its colors and meaning to the psycho-therapeutic process
- Apply nonverbal methods of Qigong, meditation and I Ching in psychotherapy as a non verbal way to the self
- Describe The Phenomena of Synchronicity in Theory and Practice
- Describe music and its part in the individuation process

What’s Included?

- Lodging in a modern boutique hotel (Shared rooms; Single supplement available)
- All lectures and seminars
- Five breakfasts
- Two lunches
- Apéro reception party
- Two dinners
- Visit to Jung's grave

*Optional: Tour of Bollingen Tower with one of Jung's grandsons cost (additional $108)


20190411_leslee_brown-5702 web.jpg

Dr. Leslee Brown, PhD

Dr. Brown is President and Director of Mind Body Passport Inc. designing and leading international trips for adult professionals, offering continuing education credits worldwide. Dr. Brown will be your guide on this extraordinary journey! Dr. Brown's interests are multi-faceted, engaging topics of psychology, culture, art, psychoanalysis and social dreaming. She is passionate about weaving many disciplines and interests together and creating an atmosphere of growth and learning. Travel opens ones mind and creates change bringing new perspectives on living life. She also served as The Director of International Seminars and Gastprofessor at Sigmund Freud University, Vienna. International psychology and developing “psychologists without borders” has become her focus. Dr. Brown has been in private practice for over twenty years, has been a research psychologist for The Neurologic Institute and has served on faculty at UCLA Medical School teaching psychology and rapport building techniques to medical students. Dr. Brown was also assistant professor at The Chicago School and Director of Centers for International Studies. Leslee lives and works part time in in Los Angeles, part time in Paris, and the rest of the time is traveling the world.

Idalina Aparecida deSouza, PhD
Ronnie Landau, MA Psych.
James Graham Johnston, M.Arch.
Sharon Martin, MSN, Psychologist and Analyst
Nancy Ortenberg, M.A.
Renate Daniel, Dr. med.
Janis Maxwell, PhD
Vicente De Moura, Dr. phil.
Qi Wang, Dr. med.
Ursula Brasch, lic. phil.
Dragomir Kojic, Jungian Analyst CGJIZ

Itinerary Highlights

Lectures and seminars:

  • The Complex: Architect of Our Dreams

  • The Hurts of the Soul and the Humiliation Experiences

  • Psychological Types: The Fundamentals

  • "Negative" Emotions

  • The Queen of Sheba and Her Hairy Legs

  • The Colors in Alchemy

  • Qigong and Meditation - A Nonverbal Way to the Self

  • I Ching

  • The Relevance of Fairy (Fe) Tales

  • The Phenomena of (Fe) Synchronicity in Theory
    and Practice

  • Music and the Individuation process

  • The Humilitation Experiences and the Hurts
    of the Soul

  • Film: Never Look Away, Healing Cultural Trauma

  • Psychological Types and Individuation

  • The Archetype of the Shadow

  • Soul in Sand

  • Psyche and Soma

  • A Study of Wolfgang Pauli's Dreams

  • Active Imagination and its Development


  • Optional: Tour of Bollingen Tower with one of Jung's grandsons cost (additional $108)


$3,778 after August 25.

$3,378—save $400 when you pay in full before August 25th.

Payment plan: $500 deposit before August 25 + six monthly payments of $529.67

Seminars only Plan: (no lodging) ( Includes: seminars, 1 lunch, visit to Jung’s grave) $1292 (1200 CHF)

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