Past Trips

We’ve been around the world and back again. Here is a selection of some of our favorite international trips, courses, and learning experiences.


The Existential Summit 2019: Trauma & Healing
Marrakech, Morocco

April 2019
(Annually since 2016)

Jungian Winter Intensive 2019
Zürich, Switzerland

February 2019
(Annually since 2017)

Exploring Creativity, Art & Psychology
Barcelona, Spain

December 2018


Individuation, Healing & Drama: The Sacred Sites of Ancient Greece
Athens, Greece

September 2018

Dream Analysis: Dreaming with Freud
London, England

July 2018

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) For Clinicians
Los Angeles, CA

March 2018


The Existential Summit 2018: Finding Meaning
Jerusalem, Israel & Sinai, Egypt

April/May 2018

Work Discussion Groups Training
Tavistock Centre, London, England

(Annually since 2011)

Mystical Morocco: Wellness, Creativity & Reconnecting to the Vision of your Life
Marrakech, Morocco

December 2017


Trauma & the Road to Resilience
Paris, France

September 2017


Mind, Body & Soul: Experiencing Unique Depth Therapies
Buenos Aires, Argentina

July 2017

The Existential Summit 2017: Love, Relationships & Couples
Vienna, Austria

May 2017


The Re-Birth of Identity & Culture
Krakow, Poland

April 2017

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Certification
Johannesburg, South Africa

November/December 2016

Trauma Training: The Tavistock Model of Working with Trauma
Tavistock Centre, London, England

September 2016


Explore & Discover the Birth of Psychoanalysis
Vienna, Austria

July 2016


Existential Summit 2016: Finding Oneself
Vienna, Austria

May 2016

Psychotherapy & the Body
Buenos Aires, Argentina

October 2015


Explore & Discover the Birth of Psychoanalysis
Vienna, Austria

July/August 2015

The Future of Psychology
Paris, France

July 2015

The Fine Line Between Madness & Art
Heidelberg, Germany & Paris, France

December 2014