“This program was the best thing I have ever experienced in my whole life. Mind Body Passport is unique. I am glad I have become a part of it. This is just the beginning!”



Phuket, Thailand

“Mind Body Passport gave me an opportunity to experience [Thailand] and myself in a way I never thought could be possible. The time I spent here will forever be in my heart and has changed me as a whole person.”



Psychoanalysis & art

Vienna, Austria

“Even now not a day passes without remembered fragments that I got from this Viennese experience. They enrich my personal life and at work with clients. I learned more in the short time here than I could have in months in a classroom.”


Existential summit 2018

Jerusalem, Israel

“I will go home from the existential course a better person and a better therapist. We all learn from books and sitting in a classroom, but the experiential nature of [these] trainings is more than I could have ever expected… thank you for the unique and much needed growth.”


Art therapy

Barcelona, Spain

“I don't know if it was just our wonderful Barcelona group, but the whole trip was such an amazing experience. [Dr. Brown’s] planning and attention to details was spot on and all of our outings were so much fun! I appreciate how easy [she] made it for us. I look forward to another adventure with Mind Body Passport soon!”



The Future of psychotherapy

Paris, France

“Studying with Mind Body Passport in Paris you get a double package. On the outside you get the cultural aspects of France, and in the group the multi cultural aspects of the group and the professors who are international and quite well known experts. I learned more in 1 week than ever before in any classroom or seminar.”


Jungian winter intensive 2019

Zürich, Switzerland

“Thank you for your kindness and sharing and making an oasis for me to be myself.”